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If you’re the owner of a residential rental property in Toronto and require the services of a property management company to take care of the day-to-day needs of your investment, you’ve come to the right place. Whether the real estate in question is a house, a condo, an apartment building or even an apartment complex with multiple tenants, BluePrint Property Management Inc. has you covered.

The professional team at BluePrint is the best in Toronto for a reason. Our company has many years of experience managing the real estate properties of others, providing maintenance, upkeep and management services to apartments, houses and property rentals of all sizes. While there are plenty of property management companies out there to choose from, BluePrint is the property management company you can trust, taking your real estate investment to the next level.


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Should I Hire a Property Management Company?

If you live in Toronto, whether you’re a new landlord or a veteran of the rental real estate game, you may have wondered at some point if it was time to contract out the management of your property. Everyone’s situation is different, but the ability to have a professional team to take care of your property or properties can be appealing, especially since being the owner of a rental property presents many unique challenges.

To help make the right decision, there are a few factors you should consider


First, you should take stock of your own personal time and lifestyle. For example, your ability to carve out the necessary time to manage your property will be greatly […]

affected by your employment and family status. Someone who is retired and childless will have different time commitments than someone working a full time job with a new baby on the way. And even if you’re retired and do have the time to devote to your property management, you may want to prioritize your time differently. Figuring out your ideal balance of social life, personal time, as well as family and professional commitments will go a long way towards helping you figure out your decision.


Another component is the distance from your home to your rental property. You may have multiple properties to manage, or it may just be one residential building, but […]

one thing is for sure: if you can’t conveniently make the trek to your property or properties to perform necessary maintenance services, managing your property will take up more of your time and money. The kind of problems encountered by tenants rarely follows a convenient schedule, so you should definitely factor in your travel time to your properties for rent when making a decision.

Upkeep and Management Experience

Experience is key. Many property owners enjoy the day-to-day management and upkeep of their properties, but not everyone is cut out for each of the unique […]

hands-on roles a property manager needs to inhabit over the course of their ownership. As an investor, your ultimate goal is to turn a long-term profit, and sometimes that means relinquishing control to a group with greater experience in the areas where you may lack it. The key to successfully managing your Toronto property is finding the right balance between your strengths and that of your property management company.

Tenant Issues

One of the most important decisions you make with respect to an investment property in Toronto is the choice of tenant. Advertising, screening, processing, collecting […]

and communicating with tenants can be a difficult prospect, and having a group in charge of those interactions can take an enormous amount of pressure off of your plate. Property management companies have seen it all, and sometimes leaving the vetting of prospective tenants is best. They know what red flags to look for and how to structure a legally-binding agreement, and engaging the services of a management company will save you time, money and stress taking care of your apartment or apartments.

Property Condition

Unless the Toronto property you own is brand-new, the chances are that you’ll be involved in fixing, upgrading and maintaining your properties over the course of your […]

ownership. The original condition of the property is an extremely important factor to consider when choosing a property management company . If you’re not comfortable or experienced with things like plumbing, electrical or construction, you may find it costs you more in the long run to try to do everything yourself.

Is Property Management Worth it?

Making the decision to engage with a property management team in Toronto is an important one. At first glance, spending the necessary funds to have your apartments managed may seem steep, but depending on your particular situation in life, it could be the best money you’ve ever spent!

Engaging with a firm like BluePrint Property Management Inc. will grant you an enormous amount of freedom, allowing you to place your focus where you need it most. To create a long-term, lasting profit for yourself in a city like Toronto, you need to create partnerships with a company like ours so we can provide you with the support you need, where you need it.

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